Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Review - No Time On My Hands by Grace Snyder

By Grace Snyder

I just finished this entertaining book this morning!  My sister in law loaned it to me, and when I started reading, I had no idea I was about to learn about the life of a pioneer - a pioneer on the prairie of Nebraska and a pioneer in the quilt world.

I live in Nebraska, and have always been interested in learning about what life was like for the pioneers.  If you liked the stories of "Little House on the Prairie", you will enjoy this book.

Grace Snyder came to the western part of Nebraska in 1884 with her parents and siblings as a 3 year old.  The book recounts her in a soddy, long wagon rides to the closest small town, marrying a real cowboy, storms of all kinds, and making a life on the harsh, yet beloved, prairie.  At an early age, she fell in love with the quilts made by her family, and vowed to find time in her busy life to make beautiful quilts.

Her quilts have been seen by many.....they have been displayed in shows and museums, pictured and storied in magazines, and many awards have been bestowed.  And thank goodness most of these accolades happened before she passed on.

The quilt shown on the book cover is called "Flower Basket Petit Point".  This quilt has 87,789 triangle shaped pieces....astounding.  It is included in the list of the 100 best American quilts of the twentieth century.  For a little more about some of her quilts -

My one critical comment - I would have loved to hear more about the daily domestic were the clothes washed?  What was prepared for meals?  How much time was spent on keeping the family clean and fed?

That being said....I loved reading it!  Let me know if you look into her amazing life!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Replenishing and Planning

I have spent the last week replenishing sold out 5" square sets, and fat quarter bundles.
Here are a few of them....

On to the planning part....
Our next step in the updating of our home (that we bought last May) is to work on the guest bathroom.

Its pretty small, so it is hard to get a picture of the whole thing, but these show the part of the room that will be changed the most.  My current plan is:
  • Take down the 2 mirrors, and replace with one, a lot more decorative
  • New light fixture (goes without saying!)
  • New counter top (ditto)
  • New hardware
  • Glass tile backsplash (and I'm going to try to do it myself!)
  • Paint - thinking of a very pale sea aqua, but will decide for sure later
  • The floor has already been changed out from that old vinyl shown in the pic above
First step - decide on the counter top!  Updates in the future....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NEW.....Fat Quarter Bundles...and...Google+ Page

I spent most of the day yesterday cutting fat quarters!
I need to replace quite a few fat quarter bundles that have sold recently, and was too distracted to do as they sold.
It takes quite awhile to make these bundles.....cut the fabric, take pictures, and add the new listing to the shop.  But it's kinda fun....I love putting fabrics together!

They should all be listed in the next couple of days.  But in the mean time, check out the bundles currently listed!

Announcing my new Google+ page!  I still have a lot to learn, and then do...but am loving it so far!
Please visit & follow me....I'll follow back!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hot Soup for a Cold Day!

It has been so darn cold here!  So when I spotted this recipe on Pinterest a few days ago, I had to make it right away.

And believe me, it is absolutely delicious!  I have had a big bowl every day for the last 3 days!
The other great thing is - it's a crock pot soup!

I did make a few changes in the original recipe, just trying to cut back on calories (plus, I didn't have any half & half!) -
  • I used a quart jar of our own canned tomatoes
  • I made half of the amount of roux, but now think it would be ok to make the whole amount...either way would be good
  • I only used about 1/2 c. of 1% milk instead of half &half
  • I only used about 1/4 c. Parmesan cheese
Let me know if you try it!

Hey!........take a look at my Pinterest boards!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Like the majority of other people, I just bought myself a diet book.  I hope to start the New Year off with a goal in mind, and determination in my heart!

I also have a list of ideas of things to make for my gift shop, Bon Bons and More, so that will be fun to get started on.  And I need to replenish some of my current items - my fabric paper back book covers are popular, and I need to make more felt cat angels, to name a few.

If you venture out tonight for New Years Eve....have fun, but not too much fun!  You want to enjoy 2015!

P.S. I can't believe it's 2015!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I've been doing.....

I have a lot going on!
On the homefront, I'm trying to get my dining room chair seats recovered, which is not quite as quick as I thought it would be.  It's a little difficult to get the new fabric nice and tight, and looking OK.
The new fabric is the one on the left....

And I finally finished painting the frame around the new sliding door, and the valances are up...
(They look crooked in the picture, but they're not!)

On the creative front...I have been making time to get into my sewing room to make a few things for my gift shop.
I started making napkins!  I have a few sets listed now, with more to come.

I also made the decision to open another web site for my fabrics! Want a sneak peek?
Please's under construction...I have LOTS of fabric to add, and lots of other additions coming.  Keep an eye on it!

One more pretty picture...

Lucky Lizzy's is a boutique childs clothing shop on Etsy, and if you need a special dress, you have to shop there!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Before & After

We purchased our present home in May of this year.  The day we first saw it, we didn't think we were really ready to buy.  But when John and I walked out of the open house, we both looked at each other and said "I could live in this house."  We made an offer that evening, and it became ours!

Even though the layout was perfect for us, we knew right off the bat we wanted to make "a few" updates.  As you know, if you have ever done updates to a house, the word few does not apply.

So far, we have only worked in the kitchen (pretty much).  We got rid of almost everything in there - appliances, counter tops, sink, floor, and ceiling light fixtures.  I'll try to show you just a few before and after pictures....
 Original appliances, counter, and paint

New granite counter top and sink being installed

New backsplash

This shows the new appliances, but in the process of getting rid of the ugly recessed flourescent ceiling light.  We did keep the original cabinets.

The after shot of the new lighting.  I got this idea from Pinterest!

The new flooring (I guess I don't have a before pic of the original floor)

It's been a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun seeing it come together.  I don't know how many nights I spent browsing Pinterest for ideas....and I used a lot of the ideas I found there. I still have a few last touch ups to do, and hope to finish this week-end.  Then....on to the guest bathroom (see below...this was the previous owners deco job...not mine!  I couldn't believe the lava lamp! )

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Do you like to Repurpose?

 REPURPOSE - to change (something) so that it can be used for a different purpose
RECYCLE - to make something new from (something that has been used before; to use (something) again

I have always loved to repurpose and recycle...anything and everything.  I think I have a huge amount of pioneer DNA still flowing through my veins and heart, because I am always trying to find ways to "use it up & wear it out".

This spirit really shows in my attitude to creating my little fabric projects.  It absolutely kills me to throw scraps of fabric away.  In my process of cutting squares and tumblers to sell in my fabric shop, Fabric ala Carte, I save any bit that I "might be able to use someday"!

I have been rescuing nice cotton mens shirts from thrift stores, and die-cutting them into 5" squares for my shop.  But the whole time I was cutting them up, I was thinking of ways I could repurpose them.  Yesterday, I just jumped in and started sewing.

I had a whole bin full of the shirt scraps from cutting the squares, and I had saved 2 shirt fronts with the pockets.  This is what I came up with...

I'd love to know if you are a repurposer!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I want you all to know, I truly am working on my "new" blog, even though it's not apparent.

I'm working up a plan, seeking answers to some questions, and thinking about what would be fun for me, and you!

Some of the categories I'm hoping to present are:
  • Quilting & crafting projects
  • Easy recipes (for when you're too busy being creative!)
  • Beautiful fabrics from my shop
  • Endearing pet posts
  • Some of my own creations
  • My home redecoration projects
  • And of course....much more
Soon you'll see some results of my brain storming!