Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Week-end!

Sunday morning is always real hurry to do anything. I usually get up early (just can't sleep late anymore!), play around on the computer for while sipping coffee, read the paper (really, I just look at the ads!), and then decide how else to goof off! On Sundays I don't do a lot of work in my online stores. I just keep up with sending invoices (hopefully!), but thats about all. Then I catch up on my blog...

I am transferring a lot of listings from my Ebay store to my Etsy store, though. If things go well on Etsy, I may even close my Ebay store, and just occasionally list auctions there. Ebay is changing so much, and its hard to know where its all heading.

Tomorrow is our 24th wedding anniversary!!! I can hardly believe it! We're not doing anything big at all. Today, John and I are going to a movie, "Australia". He's not a movie lover, so I might regret him being there because he'll do at least one of the following....fall asleep, ask a ton of questions about whats going on, ask "How long is this movie?", and since it takes place in Australia, he won't understand what they're saying! I guess I'll just try to ignore his comments, and enjoy it. I usually rent movies to watch at home, but this seems to be a movie that will be much better to see on the BIG screen. Wish I had a good movie partner here...Heidi, Nick, or Kathy.

Its still beautiful here in Las Vegas. We haven't had either the air or heat on for at least 2 months, and its still getting into the 70's during the day. This is my favorite time of year here!

I need to finish machine quilting a customer quilt in the next few days. And I have a Quilt of Valor ready to mail out. The picture above is the QOV I'm sending this time, when it was just a top and not quilted or bound yet. And I just remembered....I have to go to Jury Duty day after tomorrow! That will be interesting1


  1. Really cool quilt Kris! I love your scrappy quilts...all of them! Yeah, I wish I was there too...for movies. I want to see Australia and NOONE here wants to see it. I laughed out loud about Johns probable forgot to add...loud long sighs! Hate that one! Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

  2. Oh yeah...are you gonna ad adsense to your blog??? I you need help,or have questions let me know...


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