Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My First Blog!!

Well, I decided to go for it! I have been thinking about a blog for awhile, wondering if I would be able to think of enough stuff to write about. But, I guess I won't know unless I try it!

I sure have enough irons in the I should have plenty to say! For tonight, this will be pretty short.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. John and I will spend the afternoon with his cousin Connie and her husband Gary, and about 10 other friends and family of theirs. Of course, our kids will not be here with us. David is in Omaha and will spend the day with his dad. Heidi, Dan, and baby Ben will spend the day with Dans family. Nick, who I spoke to for a few minutes this afternoon, is driving from Washington DC to somewhere in Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with his friend Felicias family. So our kids will be with others tomorrow...but I'll still be thinking of all 3 of them all day long! I'm thankful that they are all safe and happy!! The picture above is of the 3 of them, taken right after Nick graduated from boot camp, in 2006. I need to get another picture of the 3 of them together!

I have a number of subjects to chat eBay store, my Etsy store, my quilting, my Quilts of Valor commitment, my kitty and Pug, my kids, and one cute grandson! So lots more to come!


  1. Hey! Nice job....I think you will find you have lots to share....I will enjoy watching your blog...Happy Thanksgiving!


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