Monday, December 1, 2008

24 Years of Wedded Bliss!

Yep, today is me and Johns 24th anniversary. I can hardly believe it...sometimes it seems shorter, and sometimes it seems a lot longer! Wish I had a pic to add from that day...

John and I went to the movie, "Australia", yesterday. I loved it! Take a lot of Kleenex...there are a lot of teary moments. Of course, I cry very easily. Oh, I also cried cuz' Hugh Jackman is so dang GOOD LOOKING! I have to say his looks at times reminded me a lot of of Gregory Peck, an old "Movie Star" that I've always loved and thought was very handsome and way cool. John did well at the movie...he didn't fall asleep, only had one long sigh, and only asked "What did he say?" once! He actually said he liked it!

I need to get my Quilt of Valor packed up so I can mail it today. I have a few other things to add to the box for Suzanne (the angel that receives the quilts and delivers them to the Warriors) to put in the TV/Community room at the medical hold building at BAMC....a deck of cards, a DVD, and a crossword book. Not much, but if I send a couple little things each time, it should give them something new to do.

The pictures are of a small flock of birds that stop in a little tree outside my studio window and nibble on the berries. They must migrate through here in the spring and fall, because thats when I see them. They're so cute! I've searched my bird book, and the closest I can get to what kind they are is "Orange-crowned Warbler". I just enjoy watching birds and finding them in my book. I don't see many kinds here in Las Vegas, though, so when I do see an interesting one, its exciting for me!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You dont have any pictures of that day??? hmmmm...I think I do....Im going to go look...the birdies are really cute. I want to go see that movie now too....Im ready for an epic tear jerker! Love ya!

  2. Yes, I have tons of pictures of our wedding, but none in my computer.


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