Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Ben

Time to talk about our Baby Ben. I MISS HIM! He's just a bit over 2 months old now, and he was less than a week old when I last held him. It's so hard to not be able to see him as much as I want. Heidi is wonderful at keeping us posted with lots of pictures, but its not the same as touching his soft skin, and kissing his cherub face. Sorry, the picture of him is not the latest...he's about 4 weeks old in it.

Heidi had to return to work last week, and, of course, had all those anxieties of leaving her baby with other people for the whole day. And yesterday, the inevitable happened...Ben got sick. The dr. says its the flu. But I received a "Mom advice" call last night, late where Heidi lives...Ben's fever was higher, and what to do! I think she really just needed to talk to someone about it. Dan (daddy) was asleep trying to rest up for school today, and I'm sure she just wanted to talk to another grown-up voice for reassurance. I'm waiting for a call from her this morning, hoping that he's better this morning.

I'm flying back after Christmas to spend a week with Heidi and Ben, and of course everyone else I need to see and hug....David, Kathy, and a bunch of Johns family. Dan will be gone for a week with his High School band playing at a bowl game in Florida. So I'll be with my daughter and Baby Ben for the New Years! And I'm hoping to spend a couple days with my sister Kathy, and get some quiltilizing done (quiltilizing = quilt socializing).

The pink heart quilt is one I just finished and listed in my Etsy shop, Bon Bons and More.

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  1. Kris, He is sooooo cute! Such tiny little features and has that little heidi mouth! I can see Dan in him too. I bet you cannot wait to get him in your arms again...He will have changes so much, Im sure...

    Cute Wall hanging too!


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