Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry, I took a few days off. It just seemed impossible to find time to sit down to write!

I've been working away in my quilting casita. I just finished a customer quilt, and pinned on a baby quilt to list in my Etsy shop, Bon Bons and More. I'll put up a picture when its finished! I have been listing my fabrics (from my eBay shop) in my Etsy shop, 4-5 a day. And also listing my quilts. I just added a funky, scrappy "crumb" quilt (pictured)....What is a crumb, you may ask!?! Well, I save ALL of my scraps and throw them in a box. When I want to do some mindless sewing, I just start sewing the bits and pieces together, around and around, til it is big enough to trim into the size I want! I use left over half-square triangles, strips, squares, triangles, odd shaped pieces, and prairie points for a 3-D interest. I don't think the look is something that everyone will love, but I think they're very cool!

We're going down to the strip tonight to meet and have dinner with Johns niece, Jaime and friends. They are going to run the Las Vegas marathon tomorrow, and flew in from Nebraska yesterday. It will be great to see her...she's very close to us as she lived in Las Vegas for awhile, and we were her family while she was here. She's about to graduate as a Physicians Assistant.

I'm sad...I read Kathy's blog about her Alley Cat, Toby. See her blog to the right of this page.

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  1. Kris, I love these crumb quilts...I think they remind me of the utility quilts of the 1930's...What a great way to use up scraps...They would be a great donation. Here in Cold old NE/IOWA the shelters are asking for blankets for near-homeless people, I wish I had one or two like that to give them. Wouldnt they be happy?

    Im still sad too...I have been moping around all day...loving up my inside kitties a bunch and shedding a tear off and on....


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