Friday, December 12, 2008

Just listed in my Etsy shop, Bon Bons and More

Today I added a few new things to my shop...

Crocheted cotton cloths, for kitchen or personal use. They're made out of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, 8" square, and come in many colors. Right now, I just have 4 colors made up - Denim Blue Variegated, Bright Sherberts Variegated, Soft Earth Variegated, and Ecru - but I will be listing more colors soon! They come in a set of 2 for $6.00, your choice of colors.

I also listed a very cute baby quilt top...its not quilted yet, but I can have it it finished in about 2 weeks. Kittens and yarn...intriqued? Check it out!

I bought myself a new iron today....I could tell mine was close to the end, and JoAnns had Rowentas at 50% off. So thought it would be a good time to try one. Over the years, I've heard both good and bad reports on Rowentas, so now I'll see for myself!

I also "HAD" to buy some more fabric for a quilt I want to start next....Here are a few hints...Skulls, red, black, and red satin! You'll see it as soon as it's done!

Friday night, and I can see take out in our future...


  1. very cute things. very cute pics of the potholders, did you take that???
    Your new quilt sounds...interesting....

  2. Yes, I did take the picture of the wash cloths. It is a much better picture than I usually take.... I can't ever get very good pictures for my stuff for the shop.

  3. So good to talk with you this morning! I think I found a place to look over and implement on blogspot...are you busy on Tuesday during the day? I may call you.

  4. I got an answer from the neocounter...the day before the trial period is over, your counter will show that you have a day to pay in order to keep your fancey one. If you dont do anything, it will revert to the free one, all by itself. Also if you want a counter on more than one blog or website, then you have to set up a completely different registration for each one. I removed the ones from my other blogs til I have time to set them up...just so you know!


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