Monday, December 15, 2008

Plan for the week

Good Monday Morning! I've been busy all week-end, quilting and sewing. I also need to do some planning for next week! Nick arrives this Friday morning! He'll be here a whole week. John and I can't wait to just look at him, and of course, lots of hugs and kisses will be bestowed! We put up the Christmas tree this week-end, and I decorated the house a bit. It sure does put you in a different mood when the tree is sparkling in the corner. I still have house-cleaning, meal planning, and grocery shopping to do....all the things I love the most...NOT!

I finished up a quilt to list in my Etsy store....a cute lap-size, featuring Clifford, The Big Red Dog. Click here to see all the pictures....

I also need to work on a few quick gifts....something for Nick, and Baby Ben. Weird, but both of them are red, black, and white!

Did you see my new counter on the right? Its really cool!


  1. So excited for you to have nick home....have fun! THe clifford quilt is darling! The counter is cool...the quilt block link pic doesnt sure you have the right address on the ya!

  2. Kris, I should chnge my counters back to total by city..just to see where they all come from. Its so interesting!


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