Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today, I just have little tidbits of news I want to tell you about:

***I added a picture spot (to the right) that shows pictures from my Etsy Shop, Bon Bons and More. Click on it to visit my shop!

***I added a second new spot on my page. Look to the right, and you'll see a "Featured Etsy-Quiltsy Team" seller. I'll add a new one about once a week. Click on the picture if you want to see their shop!

***I live in Las Vegas, about 10 miles from Nellis Air Force Base, the home of the Thunderbirds, and a lot of other jet training. Every day, the jets fly over our house, training away. I never get tired of watching them, or get tired of the noise. I think they are so impressive. In fact, I would love to see what that feels like, to be up there, seeing what they see, and feeling what they feel when they are flying like crazy!

***I finished up Nicks Christmas gift. Hint: He's a big Cornhusker fan, and the gift is red and white. Any guesses? I'll post a picture after Christmas.

***I also finished Baby Bens gifts. They are also red, white, and black. Sounds weird for a baby, huh? I'll post pictures of them after I personally deliver them to him after Christmas.

***I received a small envelope yesterday from a name and address I didn't recognize. Who could it be?? It turned out to be a Thank-you note from the mother of a young soldier that received one of my Quilts of Valor. Its so good to hear back from them...It doesn't have to be a long thank-you...just an ackowledgement. It warms my heart and inspires me to make another one! Todays picture is a Quilt of Valor that was made by Bridget Willis and longarm quilted by me. It was actually a challenge quilt, made with "ugly" 3.5" squares. Bridgets quilt won the challenge!

Need to get busy!!


  1. Wonderful blog! I added to to my following & hope you will do the same!

  2. What a great scrap quilt! I love it! Gets the creative juices flowing! haha. Cant wait to see Nick and Ben's gifts!

  3. just thought i would say that this is really really beautiful, you are so talented!


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