Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know, I'm a little late with the wish, but it's very sincere!

I was in Glenwood, IA, visiting my daughter Heidi and sweet Baby Ben for a week. Of course, my oldest son, David, also visited us often. Baby Ben had the flu when I arrived, and sad to say, he became more sick every day. Finally, on New Years Day evening, we took him to ER, and he was diagnosed with RSV. He spent the next 2 days there. So my visit was not as fun as it might have been. I'm just so happy that he did get better, and is now home. The pictures are of him and Mommy before the hospital, and the other one is a shot of him when he started feeling a bit better at the hospital. My next visit with him will most likely be next summer when he and Mommy and Daddy come here to Las Vegas for a visit. He'll be about 9 months old...the cutest age ever!

I also spent 3 days with my sister in her beautiful 100 yo house in Walnut, IA.....we over ate (fun!), sewed a lot (funner!), went to a movie (also fun!), and chatted tons. But I'm not used to those midwest COLD ICY days!! I was a popsicle a lot of the time. I'll have to try to recall that when it's 115 deg. here this coming summer. I also almost finished blocks for two quilt tops while there, so I need to get them finished. Can't wait to show them off!

I'm trying hard to get caught up with stuff around here...groceries, laundry, I can start doing really important things, like QUILT!

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  1. So glad Baby Ben is better. Glad you were able to be there during that time. It would have been harder for you if you had been stuck at home while he was in hos. And what a treat staying with your sister in her 100 yr old house. I would love that!
    See you at Quiltsy,
    DownHome Designs
    (SewHappy is my user name at Share My Quilt)


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