Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Nick called us last night with a blow-by-blow description of his day yesterday in Washington DC. I'll give you a brief synopsis: He mustered early, about 4am, along with his fellow sailors. They all took a bus ride from Andrews AFB to the parade route, and were placed at their posts about 9am. They were relieved occasionally, and were able to get in from the cold, sit down, watch a TV with the events being broadcast, and warm up with hot drinks. After lunch, he wasn't sent back out to the street. But when he realized that the Presidents entourage was about to go past, he went out and asked until he found someone that wanted to be relieved. Just as he took the post, President Obama and his wife were walking by. They had to stay posted on the parade route until the whole parade was finished, and got back to barracks about 9pm. He seemed so excited to have seen this whole process. And I think he thought the long hours and cold temperatures were worth it. I know his dad and I were both happy that he was a witness.
The pictures today are of some string blocks I'm making for a block swap with my Quiltsy team. Can't wait to get them! I love String quilts!
*PEARLS OF WISDOM* When we love, we see with our hearts.


  1. Very cool for Nick, Kris. Im glad he got out there in time. Im sure it is something he will never forget!

  2. Hi, I'm new to your post. Just wanted to say how wonderful for your son that #1 he is in the military service, and #2 that he got to witness President and Mrs. Obama so closely. What a wonderful thing to happen and certainly one that he will never forget.

    Your string quilts are beautiful. I love them, in fact, I'm just now getting ready to start a string quilt. I'm organizing my strings right now. Pam


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