Monday, February 23, 2009


As promised, I want to start showing off some of my pretty fabrics from my Etsy store, Fabric ala Carte. My plan is to use different methods, but with the focus being mainly on designs using 5" charms and 2.5" strips. These are so popular right now, and make it a bit quicker for you when you receive a wide variety of fabrics in small, usable, pre-cut pieces!

For the first quilt, I decided to use "Sun Drop", a group designed by Dena Designs, from Free Spirit Fabrics. I've called it "Window Panes". Each block will be 16.75" square when finished, and there are 9 blocks. With sashing and one border, the completed quilt wil be approx. 66" X 66". Feel free to make yours smaller or larger! But my instructions will be for the size mentioned above.For this quilt, I'm using 18 different prints. You will need 36 - 5" charms, of which you need 2 charms of each print. You also need 2 - 2.5" strips of the same 18 prints. (So from each of the 18 prints, you need 2 - 5" squares, and 2 - 2.5" strips.) I sell this fabric in charm bags and jelly roll bags in my store. You will need one charm bag and two jelly roll bags.

Next, lay out your charms and strips, and pair them up the way you can be matchy-matchy, or mix them up.....whatever strikes your fancy! Each set should have 2 different prints, two 5" charms of each print, and two 2.5" strips of each print (a total of four charms and four strips). If my directions sound confusing, I'm sorry! When you take a look at the picture below of a completed block, I hope it all makes sense.

The picture on the right shows me adding the strips around the charm. As you can see, you alternate the the strips of one print to a charm of the other print. Trim and press after adding each side.

This picture shows the finished pairs, placed in the proper order. Your next step is to sew these together into a large 4-patch.
Thats all there is to the block! As I said, I'm going to make 9 blocks, each using different prints. Not sure yet what fabric I'll use for the sashing and border, but I'm leaning toward white, which I think will show off these gorgeous fabrics beautifully.
I will post my next set of pictures of the progress on these blocks on Thursday or Friday. My hope is that you will try this design with me, using fabric from your stash, or try some of the numerous charm packs and jelly roll packs available!
Click here for the "Sun Drop" Jelly Bags -


  1. Cute! It all makes perfect sense, though the pictures really tie it all together. Great job!

  2. wonderful job! Love the instructions! I always call these my 'squarey quilts'...I know, very technical!


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