Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been a bad girl! For numerous reasons, I've had a hard time getting here! But I'm here now...

This is a picture of the tablerunner I just finished. Remember?... I talked about it a few posts back. So, I finished it! It is now listed for sale in my gift shop, Bon Bons and More. To see more pictures, click here -
I also received some new fabrics for my fabric shop, Fabric ala Carte. 8 new prints, all listed at $5.00 per yard! The Geisha fabric here is just one of them. Click here if you want to see the rest of them -
Last fridays winner for the Free Fat Quarter is... Sew Happy! Keep the comments coming!

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  1. Kris, Cute table runner! I love the Geisha fabric too...Jeff brought me a package of post cards with Japanese art on them and they are really cool too. Makes me want to re create them on fabric, but I have enough to do! ha! o the mind never stops.


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