Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's the project I've been working on the last couple of weeks. I took this picture just before finishing and taking it off of the machine. I've decided to call it "Antique Rose Show" which was easy to come up with...it's the name of the fabric group! I haven't named the quilt block design yet, though, but will as I go through the process of writing and producing the pattern, which will eventually be for sale in my fabric shop, Fabric ala Carte. I'll trim the quilt later today, and probably get the binding finished for a final picture tomorrow!
I was re-organizing my quilt casita (again!) yesterday, and found a huge plastic tub of HUNDREDS of cut squares that I had forgotten I had. They actually were given to me years ago by my previous quilt guild to use for different charity quilt projects. So, I pulled out a couple of baggies with 2.25" squares, and started just randomly sewing them together. My plan is to use them for my favorite project, Quilts of Valor. This picture shows the 16-patches placed on my design wall for now. I need to make more before its the size I want. I'll add some bright fabric as a border to frame it up. If you want more info about Quilts of Valor, go to their website - www.qovf.org .


  1. Good use of the little squares. I like scrap quilts but I'm not sure I'd tackle those little guys! B.

  2. The rose quilt is beautiful, but I, too, love the scrap quilts.

  3. Love your squares and the rose quilt is awesome....so pretty! Im cleaning my storage room and found tons of things to list on etsy! whoo hoo!

  4. Oh I love the Antique Rose Show, very nice job!


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