Monday, June 15, 2009


The winner for the first TREASURE HUNT IS....brockdiva!! Congratulations! I will convo you, too, to give you the good news. The "TREASURE" (Baby Ben in his 1st Halloween costume) was found within one of my pincushion listings. So brockdiva has won 10% off a total purchase from one or both of my Etsy stores!
This weeks "TREASURE HUNT" has now begun. I've posted both the new Treasure picture, and given you a clue.
This weeks Treasure is Spanky, our pug. One reason I didn't post much last week was that we had bad news about him. We were told he has a degenerative spinal cord condition, which will eventually progress to paralysis. Its hard to look at his funny little face and think about that. I plan on taking him for a 2nd opinion this week, and will update you with any further news.

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