Thursday, June 18, 2009


I promised a few days ago that I would fill you in on Spankys visit to the veterinary neurologist. I guess it was good news and bad news. The first vet had diagnosed his problem as a degenerating spinal cord, which has no cure. But the neurologist says it most probably is a disc problem in his spine just above his tail, which could be helped with surgery. Here's the bad news...he can't (or won't) do surgery with out an MRI, and the cost for an MRI is estimated somewhere between $2600-$4000! Then, of course, there would be the cost of the surgery, with no guarantee that it would help.
Here's the problem...I don't know very many people who can come up with that money, especially in this scary economy. The dr. has put Spanky on a steroid, Prednisone, which may help a bit. We're crossing all fingers and toes that it does. Guilt and frustration have taken my brain over. We love our little dog, and wish we could help him. But at the risk of sounding uncaring, I have to say "We can't spend that much money".
Spanky is almost 9 years old, and we're hoping the medication will help. We'll just keep enjoying his funny face as long as we can.
And on a lighter note:
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  1. Kris, This is the cutest picture of Spanky....I cant imagine how you must be feeling. I also cant blame you for not risking all that money with no guarentee that it will even help. I know saying "dont feel guilty" wont help...on the upside, and thinking positivly, God cares about our little creatures and we will be praying that the medicine will give him some painfree time. Love you...

  2. I agree completely! Spending that kind of money for a procedure that "may" work is hard in this economy. Or anytime. And you also have to think about Spanky. Do you want to put him thru this kind of surgery if it won't help? I've been in similar situations and I know that, whatever decision you make, you're always secong guessing yourself. I say give him the Prednisone and see how he does. Spanky is just adorable and I can tell that he is well loved and he knows it. That's the most important thing. What we think about most tends to happen so focus on him getting better and don't worry about the rest.

  3. awwwww- Sweet Dog! I know how hard it is to be in that position where your pets are like your children. You'd do anything for them! But pets (most of them) don't have insurance (that I don't know about anyways) and it's heart wrenching (I've been there too) when the vet says there's something wrong and it's so expensive to treat. Especially when there are no guarantees. I hope the medicine will help make him comfortable. He looks pretty content and happy to me *winks* Just continue to love him- just like he knows and shows best! Hugs!


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