Thursday, July 9, 2009


A few days ago, I had decided to straighten up the drawers some of my fabrics were stored in. Working one drawer at a time, I dumped all the fabric out, and started sorting and folding. Pieces that were about 1/4 yd. or fat quarter or larger were folded in a size that will fit in my drawers. Smaller pieces were set aside, and I was trying to decide how to handle them.
I was pretty overwhelmed by all the fabric I had! I was not looking forward to cutting them into specific size squares or strips! Then I remembered a technique I had read about in the past called "Mile-a-Minute" blocks. I wish I could remember who the author was!! I can't take credit for the name, but the technique is something I've used in varying ways over the years. It's a great, kind of mindless way to use scraps and make pretty, interesting blocks.
So yesterday, I made a pile of all of my blue scraps. I even went through my string box and pulled out all the blues I could spot. Then I sat down at my machine with the pile on the floor next to me.
Start with a long strip, any width. Lay it right side up on the bed of your machine. Pick up a smaller scrap, any shape, and lay it right side down on the strip, matching straight edges. If the scrap has a curved or uneven edge, you may have to cut a straight edge with your ruler first. However, its OK to use a wonky shape (hope you know what that means!) Stitch that scrap down. Without removing the strip, add the next scrap and stitch down. I leave at least 1/2 inch between each new scrap added. Work this way until your strip is used up. Then start again! I like to work with about 4 blocks at a time, so I make enough for 4. Take out, press seam, and trim. Anyway, you just keep adding new strips or scraps to the outside edges of your rules. As the block gets larger, you will probably just start adding pieces to each block individually. When your block starts getting close to the size you want, you can check the size after each addition. I'm making 12" finished blocks this time, because most of my scraps are pretty large. But if I only had small scraps, I'd make smaller blocks. When it's large enough, press well, lay your ruler on top, and trim to your desired size. Next step...make as many as you want! I'm just gonna continue making the blues ones til my pile of scraps is used up.
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  1. Very scrappy and very cute...I always think Im going to use up scraps but that pile just stays the same size or grows! It's alive!


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