Monday, August 24, 2009


My son, an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy, arrived at his new station a day or so ago...on board the USS Ronald Reagan. He will be serving with VFA 113, The Stingers...a squadron of F-18 Fighter Jets... for the next 3 years. It took him about 3 days of flight and waiting in airports to get from Lemoore, CA to Bahrain. Then two nights ago, he took the final hop from Bahrain to the flight deck. I'm sure that was exciting! This picture is of one of the jets in his squadron, getting ready for take off. He will be helping the squadron with computer based needed knowledge for their activities.
He just sent me a short email this morning, letting us know he arrived safely. We were sitting on pins and needles, waiting to hear from him. This is his first sea duty, so I'm anxious to see how it goes for him. He won't be out for long this time. The ship will be headed back in a week or so, making stops along the way, arriving in San Diego sometime in Oct. But it sounds like his squadron will be deployed again after the first of the year.
We're proud of him!

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  1. so glad your son arrived safely. Gee how great that the computer age gives us instant contact. Good luck to your son and prayign he stays safe.


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