Saturday, September 12, 2009


I've been wanting to share a new club I have discovered.
It's a FREE website, called
Of course, you can click on the link and read all about it very easily,
but here's the nitty-gritty:
1. You join up (very easy to do)
2. You post 10 books (more or less)
3. You get free books! Well, almost free...
You see, the only money you will spend is the postage to send your books to other members.
But...your books come to you free!
Please check it out!
There are over 3 million books available, all genres - including quilting books!
Oh...and its not just paperbacks. There are hardbacks, too.
And they also have ways to swap DVD's and CD's!
Its a great way to pass our books along - recycle - save money - and read, read, read!
One request - if you decide to join, PLEASE say I referred you!
If you do, I'll receive a book credit!
Just use my nickname, bizzykris.
Happy Reading!


ENGLISH ONLY!! All others will be deleted.