Friday, September 11, 2009


Today is the anniversary of September 11, 2001....a very scary, sad, memorable day for the United States.
I just wanted to show you the quilt I was inspired to make because of that days events.
I had always thought about making a quilt in patriotic colors, but didn't feel moved to do it until that day. Of course, its still a scrappy quilt! I used many different reds, blues, whites, and golds. The only fabrics that are not "scrappy" are the borders and the back. And I really lucked out when shopping for the back! I found a wonderful print that is the Pledge of Allegiance printed, navy blue on white. Perfection!
Even though I had no plan for the actual layout until I had been working on it for awhile, I decided to have a gold center, depicting the towers, with the red and blue blocks surrounding them, depicting all of America, in unity, love, and remembrance.
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Watch for the next Treasury!

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