Friday, November 6, 2009


First of all, this picture has nothing to do with phone books! I just wanted to add a picture to the post, so I picked this one.
The tall drink of water on the right is our son, Nick, who was home for the week-end from his base in Lemoore, CA. He's an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy, and just returned a couple weeks ago from a deployment on the carrier USS Ronald Reagan.
The young man on the left is Wade Bowman. He and Nick became buddies at boot camp over 3 years ago, went to their training schools together, and worked together for their first duty station in Washington DC. Nick is now the IS for a fighter jet squadron at NAS Lemoore, and Wade is the IS for a helicopter squadron in Norfolk, VA. But Wade was here in Las Vegas for a bit of training at Nellis Air Force Base, and the two guys were able to get together. Right after this picture, they took off for The Strip for some fun.
Now, on to the phone books.
I found this in an old Readers Digest the other day, and wanted to pass it on.
If you are tired of all of the unsolicited phone books being dropped at your door,go to
to sign up to stop their delivery!

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