Monday, November 9, 2009


I just love to work with tumbler blocks now!
Of course, it's very easy for me because I have an AccuCut die-cut machine!
The blocks you see above are from my new Art Gallery Fabric group called
I cut them into the 6" tumblers yesterday, and am putting together a new quilt with them.
And, of course, the tumbler set will be listed in my shop.
These tumblers actually measure (before sewing) 6.5" high, 6.5" across the bottom, and 3.5" across the top.
They are "sew easy" to stitch together because they already have trimmed corners that, when matched, go together perfectly, with no guess work!
I have been very busy cutting fabrics into tumbler block sets for my fabric shop,
(I just added upcycled bed linen tumblers, too, if you are in to eco-friendly ideas!)
I can also cut ANY of the fabrics in my shop into tumblers for you!
You would just need to convo me to let me know which fabric, and how many you need!
Oh...thats a good point! How many tumblers would you need for a quilt?
Their odd size makes it hard to figure out, huh? I have it figured out for you!
I have a chart in each tumbler block listing, but here's an example -
32 Tumblers (4 across x 8 down) = approx. 17" x 48" (Tablerunner)
72 Tumblers (9 across x 8 down) = approx. 38" x 48"
143 Tumblers (13 across x 11 down) = approx. 55" x 66"

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