Monday, January 4, 2010


The latest "Top To Quilt"

Riley always prefers boxes to store bought toys!
Just wanted to post this picture cuz it's cute!

If you are a quilter, you probably feel the need to assess your projects at this time of year. I know I always do. So yesterday, I searched through all the nooks and crannies of my quilt casita, and went through all of the bins. I sorted through the stacks, and ended up with 3 types of UFO's (UnFinished Objects).


These are tops that are ready to be quilted on my longarm. There are all sizes, from small wall hangings to bed size quilts

56 - UFOs

These are projects that are in various states of progress. Some have just a few blocks completed, while some have all blocks complete, and just need to be set together. Many of these projects will be re-assigned a final outcome....for instance, I may decide to make what was going to be a lap quilt into a wall hanging or tablerunner.


I ended up with a big pile of orphan blocks...blocks left over from previous projects, or blocks I just wanted to experiment with. These will be used together in scrappy projects, or possibly turned into pillow covers or pot holders. I just can't throw them away!

I REALLY want to finish up as many of these UFO's as possible!

But I have Quilters ADHD...I'm constantly thinking up my next project...I get inspired by a fabric or a block design, and can't wait to try it!

So here's my plan to try to keep motivated and on track....


I'll keep my blog posted with the current UFO I'm working on, with pictures and written updates. And I'll also keep a running list of my completed UFO's, with picture links.

I hope that my Personal UFO Challenge helps to motivate you to work on some of your forgotten projects!

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  1. Wow, that is some then I did not go through all mine just what was out in the open!! Good luck and look forward to seeing them as completed!


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