Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yesterday, I started on this UFO.
I only had 2 more rows that I needed to stitch the tumblers together, so I thought that part wouldn't take too long...NOT!
When I had originally laid it out, I had spent a lot of time mixing up the prints, and making sure they were not close to their duplicates. And when I quickly picked them up off the floor a couple months ago, I didn't try to keep them in order. BIG MISTAKE! So...yesterday I had to work a long time getting them back to a layout that I'm happy with.
I then stitched the 2 rows of tumblers together, and began sewing the rows together. As of this morning, I have 4 rows joined! YAYYY!
I'd love to finish that step today, but it may not happen. I have one more small section on a lap quilt that is on my longarm that I want to finish first. And, I have an appointment this afternoon. And, I have to pay bills and do a small bit of house cleaning (Yuck!) But I'm feeling good about the progress made so far.

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