Friday, January 8, 2010


UFO #1 is finished!
Well, not really finished yet. But the top is pieced, and the edges trimmed. So I crossed this one off of my UFO list and moved it to my "Tops To Quilt" list.

This cute little Valentine/Heart quilt is next to be quilted. Even though it is the newest of my tops, I wanted to get it finished in time for the Valentine season, so I just finished pinning it on my longarm machine.

This is the next UFO I'll be working on.
I'm going to call it "Patches of Blue".
I need to make 2 more string/crumb blocks to make it a nice size.

So far, I'm really loving this challenge to myself.
Its keeping me focused, and it feels so GOOD to be on track to getting some of these projects finished!
You can keep track of my progress by looking at the UFO SCORECARD on the right of the page!


  1. Love the color combination of your tumbler quilt. Congratulations on being able to move it on to the next list.:)

  2. Wow, that is some list of the tumbler quilt!


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