Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm getting more and more into the R-R-R-R mode...
I've always loved finding ways to R~R~R~R
Some work out...Some don't!
This little bib worked!
I was browsing my favorite thrift shop, saw this childs t-shirt,
and brought it home to see what I could come up with.
I'm very happy with the result.

This piece is interesting...
I'm not sure what it was before I dis-assembled it...
A cushion cover, I think.
Anyway, I cut the front and back apart,
and ended up with a nice size piece of this fabric to work with.
It is a reproduction print...not vintage...but I loved the colors.

Sheets! Love them!
A nice big piece of fabric, with so many possibilities!
Some are all cotton, some are cotton/polyester.
But I'm of the school of quilting that says...
I definitely don't adhere to quilt police regulations.
If I like the colors and print, I use it!
My rules for using any reclaimed piece are few:
Good condition - I don't use any stained or threadbare parts
Clean - I always wash my finds squeeky clean before working with them.
So, my R~R~R~R finds are finding their way into my shops, either as finished creations
(like the bib above) or as fabric supplies for you to create with!
I'm visiting the thrift store again today...
Can't wait to see what I find!

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  1. Very cool stuff Kris! Love seeing what you do with your fun finds!


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