Thursday, April 8, 2010


Theres a brand new selling site in town....
I kinda accidentally came across it last week.
I had just closed my Ebay store (fees are crazy!)
and thought "Why not give Zibbet a try!"
I'm not planning on closing my Etsy shops...I love Etsy!
But another venue is always good.
I also won't be moving EVERYTHING from my Etsy shops to my Zibbet shop.
I plan on just having a nice selection of different items there, both pre-cut fabrics and gifts.
If you're a person that would love to sell something (Handmade, Vintage, or Supplies)
check out Zibbet!
If you decide to open up shop there, please say I referred you...
I'll get a break on my monthly fees!
If you just want to be a shopper, Zibbet will fit the bill!
Please visit my new Zibbet shop!
And don't forget my Etsy shops!


  1. Kris, Cute blog post! I thought I would tell you that you must give potential new Zibbet sellers your special link for them to use when they sign up, or you wont get credit. I think it is shop name)/sell but you can it for sure on the right sidebar under referral program..if they use that link when they subscribe, you will get credit, otherwise there is nowhere to put who referred you. They enter thru your link! Make about as much sense as mud?

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