Thursday, July 22, 2010



55.5" X 66"


A string quilt is a true scrap is made with the leftover strips (or "strings") from previous projects. These strings are usually uneven and different widths. I have a huge plastic tub I throw them in...I can't stand to throw them away! When I want to just sit and sew, mindlessly, I make some string blocks!

This type of block does need a "foundation", however, because the strings are different widths, and wonky. You can use a few different types of foundation -
  • Paper (Not my favorite...I don't like tearing the paper off later)
  • Any fabric - Use up some old, ugly fabric, muslin, or whatever (Also not my favorite)
  • Lightweight interfacing - My Favorite! I use the sew-in Pellon interfacing #905. Buy it when its 50% off!
  • Used dryer sheets - These are almost as good as the interfacing, but they limit the block size (unless you piece them together). Plus, I never have very many laying around.
Cut your foundation piece about 1" larger than you want your finished block. Sew on your strings in whatever design you want, pressing as you go. Trim to your desired size. Then just sew your blocks together!

I love this's always surprising to see the finished product. I have a lot of examples in my gift shop, Bon Bons and More ...pot holders, quilts, and tablerunners. Check them out!


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  2. I just love your quilts. One of these days I will get around to doing another one.

  3. Great advice! I love these types of quilts.


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