Monday, August 9, 2010


Yesterday, I took part in the first annual Arts & Crafts Fair for the Handmade in Vegas Etsy Team at the beautiful Resort at Mt. Charleston (shown in the first picture). Mt. Charleston is in the Spring Mountains just 30 min. outside of Las Vegas, 6000' altitude. There is lots of green, and much cooler air than down in the valley. It felt luscious!

The second picture is of my booth, me, and John. He came along to help me tote stuff from the car, and set up my new canopy. I'm so glad he did!! In looking at the picture, my booth looks very amateur and sparse, and has made me try to think of ways to make it more inviting for the next shows I do. I do have to say, tho, that many shoppers did feel invited, because many came in and shopped.

There were hundreds of shoppers, as Mt. Charleston is a big draw to Las Vegasites in the heat of the summer. And it seems many of them were in a buying mood.

I really didn't have a lot of faith in the sales outcome...I've never sold much at these things. But this time, I brought a lot of my pot holders, and they were a big hit! I guess a lot of people love quilted items, like tablerunners, baby quilts, etc., but are not always able to afford them. However, a pot holder is almost like a small quilt, and much more affordable. So anyway....I now need to get to work to replenish my pot holder supply. I was also able to talk to a lot of fun people, both shoppers and other vendors, and was able to introduce many shoppers to the world of Etsy.

The most exciting part of the day happened at 3pm. The show was slated to run til 4pm, but Mother Nature decided "Not!" All day, the sun had come and gone behind black clouds, the temp going up and down dramatically when that happened. About 3pm, the clouds opened up with very cold rain, a bit of hail, and gusts of wind. You should have seen all the vendors trying to keep their beautiful creations dry, packing up, and carrying to their cars! It was wet & cold, but surprisingly kind of fun to be reminded that Mother Nature is still boss.

All in all, I had a good time and good experience, so am now looking forward to a few more shows to do this fall.

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