Friday, September 24, 2010


Many years ago, before I started quilting and became addicted to it, I taught myself to crochet.  That was my first creative outlet for a long time.  Once I started quilting, I would occasionally crochet, using it as my way of doing something with my hands while having TV time in the evening...I'm weird in that its hard for me to just sit and do nothing.  In the past, I have made a few crocheted rugs, but they never really looked the way I wanted them to.

I recently spotted this pattern, and decided to try a rug far I'm pleased with the result (see my photo above).  The biggest difference in the ones I made before and this one is that I've torn my strips wider (following the pattern instructions), so the rug has much more body.

Admittedly, this could be a very spendy project if you use high priced fabrics, because it takes many yards to finish a rug.  I am using bed sheets that I have picked up at my favorite thrift store. I can usually get a queen size flat sheet for $2-$3, and there is a lot of fabric in a queen size sheet!  So you're saving some money, and recycling/repurposing, too!  And believe me, these rugs will last many years!  I love their look...sweet and old fashioned, yet very useful.

The pattern includes the crochet hook and directions for 4 different rug styles.  It also boasts that you don't really need to know how to crochet before you start - that their instructions will teach you.  The instructions are good, but I can't attest to the boast since I already knew how to crochet.

One tip - tear your fabric strips instead of cutting.  I tear them, and pull off the loose threads, then throw them in a plastic grocery bag, ready to use.

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