Friday, October 8, 2010


A week or so ago, I showed the beginnings of my first crocheted rag rug.  Last night, I finished my second one.  I just love them!  My favorite is the rectangular one with the fringe.  I'm already tearing strips for the next one.

Right now I'm sold out of the patterns...if you want to make your own old fashioned rug that will last forever, let me know so I can send you one when the new stock arrives.  They're only $9.99, and they include great instructions and the crochet hook!

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  1. Got my pattern (whew, since you are now out!) the other day. I cannot wait to try these. I just might get started today! Thanks for the tips...and I will send you a pick when Im done.. Love ya! Oh! Check my blog, I posted pics of my baggage tags and wristlets...made from repurposed mens ties!


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