Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been reorganizing and destashing my quilt studio. TOO MUCH STUFF! 
I have so many great quilt magazines, and have enjoyed them so much over the years.  Sometimes, to either relax or get inspired, I would sit with a stack of them in the evening, looking through them.  It was funny, because as my interests changed, I would notice a different project each time I looked through a magazine...it may not have interested me at one time, but excited me this time!
But I've decided to pass most of them along to others, and am listing them in my Etsy shop, Fabric ala Carte, for just $1 each!  They are listed in groups of 5 (mostly), by quilt title and in consecutive order.  I have magazines from as far back as 1990! I'm only listing those that are in good condition.
So if you are new to quilting, or just want to fill in your collection, check them out!

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