Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Have you seen the new reality show "Extreme Couponing"?  Its pretty fantastic!
It shows women and men that have taken coupon clipping way beyond what I ever dreamed of doing.
I must say, many of them go to the extremes, literally.  Some of their stockpiles would last for years, and they have the stockpiled items stashed in every room of their homes.
But it got me to thinking....Maybe I could save a lot of money, too!  So I started researching blogs and websites, and began learning the ins and outs of couponing. I have half-heartedly used coupons in the past, but never knew how to make it really count.
To start making a big savings haul, I will need to collect many more coupons, and get a better handle on the whole process.  But today I made my first shopping venture.  My coupon items are in the picture.  I shopped at 2 stores today - Walmart and Walgreens.  Here are the results:

Before coupons - $11.68 / After coupons - $4.43 / Saved $7.25
Nivea Bodywash - $3 - Less $3 coupon = FREE
Olay Barsoap (2 bars) - $2.48 - Less $2 coupon = .24 ea.
Fantastik - $2 - Less .75 coupon = $1.25
Stuffing - $1.92 - Less .50 coupon = $1.42
Corn Chips - $2.28 - Less $1 coupon = $1.28

Before coupons - $11.99 / After coupons & Rewards - $4.99 / Saved $7
Ziploc Bags - 2/$5 - Less $1 coupon = $4
Colgate - 2/$6 - Less $1 & .75 coupon - Less $4 Register Reward = .12-1/2 ea.
Dawn - .99 - Less .25 coupon = .74

OK....I know its not a ton of money...but $14.25 (60% savings!) is nothing to sneeze at!  And I'm happy with my first try.

Part of the way this works is that you will need to stockpile stuff...if you find a really good price, and you have enough coupons, you buy as much as will hold you for 2-3 months (especially if its free!)  But I am NOT going to buy things we don't use, and I am NOT going to fill my house with enough for an army.

There is only one exception to these rules for me - if I really get into this, I would like to donate to a local food bank or charity.  Looking forward to that!

There are MANY blogs and websites to get you going.  I found one last night that walks you through getting started as a couponer, and I really like it - LivingWellSpendingLess.com . Check it out!

Let me know if you coupon, and your best tips!


  1. I worked really hard on Friday at using internet sites to help me save money at my favorite grocery store, which is called Publix. It sure was NOT tv worthy; in Florida there are no stores that ever double or triple coupons, which is a handicap. I also had been cutting only coupons I was sure I would use -- big mistake! I missed out on getting products for free! But -- the total before coupons and in-store specials was $266, and our final bill was $123!! I was over the moon! I was happy to see your post!

  2. Catskill Quilter - We also do not have any stores that double or triple. Darn! But I think I can still save a bunch. You did great on your Q-poning trip! I'm going to be posting more about this subject soon! Thanks for reading.


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