Thursday, April 21, 2011


More on my q-pon (coupon) adventure...

I have continued to google about q-poning, and am learning more and more everyday. I realize there are some guidelines and rules that I am going to follow. Because we are an empty nest couple, we obviously don't need as much as a younger family with children. So I'm thinking my stockpile will be much smaller, and a bit more defined. Here are a couple of the guidelines for me:
1. Only use your q-pon if you can save at least 60% on the item. If the q-pon isn't about to expire, save it and wait for a better deal. However, if its going to expire in less than a week, and its something you really need or want, go ahead an use it.
2. Only stockpile what your family will use in the next 3-4 months. The only exception to this is seasonal items that go on sale once a year. (To get the best buys for your stockpile, you will need to have enough coupons to cover buying for your 3-4 month period.)
3. Be sure to watch the expiration dates when you are buying for your stockpile...Don't buy anything you can't use before the expiration date.
4. I'm going to try to get all of my q-pons for free. If I start buying newspapers and printing a lot of online q-pons, some of my savings are being eaten up. So, if there is a SUPER q-pon in the Sunday inserts, I may buy more newspapers. And I also will print online q-pons if its for something that will end up being FREE. I am going to ask my immediate neighbors if they want to donate their inserts to me if they aren't using them, too.

I found out last night that there will be no inserts in this Sundays paper because its a Holiday....I guess this is a normal happening. Darn! I was pumped up to add to my q-pon stash!

I needed a few items for dinner tonight, so went to Walmart, and decided to take along my q-pon binder. I wanted to hunt the aisles for any good deals I may have missed the other day. Todays trip didn't turn out really good, but I did get a couple of pretty good buys. The lower savings items were purchased because the q-pons were about to expire, or I needed the items for dinner tonight. (I listed them in order of best savings to least savings.)

LESS Q-PONS - $7.92 ($13.22)
2-Cat Food - $2.27ea.($4.54) - $2 & $1 Q-pons($3) = Pd.$1.54 (.77 ea.) 66% Off
2-Protein Bars- $1.17ea.- BOGO- $1.17 Off = Pd.$1.17 (.59ea.) 50% Off
Oreos-$2.98 - $1 Q-pon - Pd. $1.98 - 44% Off (I didn't need these for sure!)
2-Seasoning pkts - .58ea.($1.16) - .50 Q-pon = Pd .66 (.33ea)-43% Off (About to expire)

Deli Meat -  $2.50- $1 Q-pon = Pd.$1.50 - 40% Off
Frozen Dinner Rolls - $2.84 -.50 Q-pon = Pd.$2.34 - 18% Off (Q-pon was about to expire)
Mayo - $4.78 - .75 Q-pon = Pd.$4.03 - 16% Off (I needed mayo for dinner, and this size jar was the best cost per oz.)

My next post will show you my binder, and how I plan on storing my q-pon stash.

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  1. Really fun to watch you do this...Im still not pumped to do it. We eat so little at home. I shop at Aldi's which is a lot cheaper than a normal store and its sort of one stop shopping so Im saving in time and gas too. I still might start. Everything is supposed to sky rocket in price, so "never say never".


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