Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We started out in Hawaii

We spent 5 days on Nicks ship
We ended up in Omaha...This is Ben being a strong man!

I am so tired! We've just had a very long, exciting, and sad month.

We flew to Hawaii to meet Nicks ship, the carrier USS Carl Vinson. It was our first Hawaii visit. We only had a couple days to see what we could, however. It just whet our appetite for more, and hopefully we'll be able to return someday for more of that beautiful place.

Next, John and I boarded Nicks ship for a Tiger Cruise, from Hawaii to San Diego. Don't ask me why they call it a Tiger Cruise...no one seems to know! But a short description...Sailors can invite a few friends and family to join them on the ship for their return to base after a deployment. What an experience! We were on the carrier for 5 days, and I can't begin to tell you everything we saw, did, and learned. All I can say is...it makes me so proud, not only of our sailor, but our whole Navy.

On the last full day of the cruise, we were notified that my mother-in-law had passed away. Not totally unexpected, but sooner than expected. So the last day of the cruise was a blend of excitement and sadness. We drove home from San Diego, spent a day doing laundry and setting up pet care again, and flew out the next day to Omaha for her funeral. Funerals are very hard and sad...with one redeeming quality...you get to see people you haven't in a long time.

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