Friday, July 15, 2011


OK...more about helping kitty rescue groups...

I had a bunch of old sheets, and plenty of poly batting, so made up some small kitty quilts, or cat mats...

I cut the sheets into approximately a fat quarter size (18" x 22"), matched 2 different coordinating prints, and sewed them together with the batting in the middle. It was EASY and QUICK!  The five shown will be sent to Shadow Cats Rescue in Texas.  But the next ones I make will be given to a local rescue group, Heaven Can Wait.

These can be made with a lot of different "leftovers" - old sweatshirts, old t-shirts, towels, pillow cases, blankets,baby blankets....use your imagination!  For instance, use the front and back of an old sweatshirt for the outside layers, and add a towel as the middle layer to give it a little more softness.  They should be washable, of course.  The size I made will be great for cats or small dogs, but you can use the same idea for larger dogs.

Help a kitty!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the info about Shadow Cats. I'll be bookmarking them and when I clean out my fabric stash I'll send some cat quilts their way. You've done a really good thing, spreading the word.

  2. Beth - That makes me feel wonderful! They just received these little quilts yesterday, and hopefully will be posting pics on their FB page. And remember to see if there is some kind of rescue project close to you...I know they would also love your help.

  3. These are awesome! So wonderful to help these worthy causes...I am going to make some too, using pillowcases! Keep up the good work!


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