Monday, January 16, 2012


ONE OF MY PASSIONS IS........ Helping Feral Cats!

I help online with a feral cat TNR program in western Iowa - Western Iowa's Feral Cat program - WIFCaP. My sister lives there and does almost all of the actual, boots on the ground, work. I help out with our FaceBook page, and our Etsy shop! I've learned so much about this subject, and it is a BIG problem all over the, all over the world! We have made quite an impact in the 6 months since we started, and its so fulfilling to know we are making a difference, not only in the lives of the kitties, but the lives of the communities they live in.

Interested in more info? Click below! >*;*<
Etsy Shop ~ Friends 4 Feral Cats


  1. So happy to hear you are doing this too. I've been trapping/fixing/releasing cats here in our community for several years.

    I'm determined to get this feral colony where I live down to a reasonable "feeding" size in 2012. It's been costing me WAY TOO MUCH!

    I've done six young ones so far this year, and my niece took all six of them, as she lives out in the country. She has them in huge crates & is taming them..very successfully, I might add.

    Still going to do more.

    It's a HUGE problem and a huge job!

  2. Sewmeow - Good for you! Thanks you so much for helping with the kitties...I know they appreciate it! Where do you live?


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