Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I love lots of things.  Two of them are cats and recycling/upcycling.  
I help my sister with a feral cat TNR program, Western Iowas Feral and Homeless Cat Program (WIFCaP).
Begun in August of 2011, we have spayed or neutered 165 feral cats, and counting!
Check out WIFCaP's  Facebook page and keep up with our adventures.

We also have an Etsy shop for the program, in which 100% of the net proceeds go back to the program.  The bird feeder above was made and donated to the shop by one of our supporters.  Made with a canning jar and vintage bowls, its truly "one of a kind".
The shop has many types of items to choose from - handcrafts, vintage, notecards, jewelry, cat toys, and more!

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