Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Review - No Time On My Hands by Grace Snyder

By Grace Snyder

I just finished this entertaining book this morning!  My sister in law loaned it to me, and when I started reading, I had no idea I was about to learn about the life of a pioneer - a pioneer on the prairie of Nebraska and a pioneer in the quilt world.

I live in Nebraska, and have always been interested in learning about what life was like for the pioneers.  If you liked the stories of "Little House on the Prairie", you will enjoy this book.

Grace Snyder came to the western part of Nebraska in 1884 with her parents and siblings as a 3 year old.  The book recounts her in a soddy, long wagon rides to the closest small town, marrying a real cowboy, storms of all kinds, and making a life on the harsh, yet beloved, prairie.  At an early age, she fell in love with the quilts made by her family, and vowed to find time in her busy life to make beautiful quilts.

Her quilts have been seen by many.....they have been displayed in shows and museums, pictured and storied in magazines, and many awards have been bestowed.  And thank goodness most of these accolades happened before she passed on.

The quilt shown on the book cover is called "Flower Basket Petit Point".  This quilt has 87,789 triangle shaped pieces....astounding.  It is included in the list of the 100 best American quilts of the twentieth century.  For a little more about some of her quilts -

My one critical comment - I would have loved to hear more about the daily domestic were the clothes washed?  What was prepared for meals?  How much time was spent on keeping the family clean and fed?

That being said....I loved reading it!  Let me know if you look into her amazing life!


  1. Hi, I am so glad to have found you via Etsy. I love book recommendations this looks so interesting. Nebraska is somewhere I have always wanted to visit too,
    from Lauren, a new follower,
    hope you can visit me soon


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