Monday, February 15, 2016

Three Stores to Visit

Yes, I have three online stores!
I have two shops on Etsy - Bon Bons and More, my handmade gift shop, and Fabric ala Carte, a quilt fabric shop.
Etsy was my first venture into online business, and I would say it has been a good experience all in all.  But there are a few limitations with Etsy that can be annoying as a shop owner.  So last summer I took the leap and started a second "stand alone" fabric store, also called Fabric ala Carte.  This store has taken a lot more time to be seen by customers, but I keep plugging away at getting the word out about it.  Every week gets better!

So, how are the two fabric stores different?
Both stores have fabric yardage and bundles.  However, my Etsy store yardage is sold in 1 yard increments, and the second store sells the yardage in 1/2 yard increments, which is a little more customer friendly.  Half yard and yard bundles in both stores are listed with a 5% discount!

My Etsy store really only has fabric yardage and bundles.
But my "other" store has much more!
You will find yardage, bundles, notions, patterns, single fat quarters, pre-cut square sets, an inspiration blog, and MONTHLY SALES.
Plus, you can start your own REWARDS POINTS program, where you can earn points for shopping that can be used later in my store like cash!

I love my little gift shop, Bon Bons and More.  This is where I can show off my creative side.  Even though I don't make larger quilts anymore, I still like to play with fabric and yarn to create smaller items like pot holders and coasters.
I added a few new pot holders to my gift shop this weekend....



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