Thursday, September 1, 2016

I'm Back!!

Sorry for my absence!  We spent some time back in Maryland for our son's wedding, and when we returned we had a few home projects going on, but I am back!

The wedding took place at a beautiful venue on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, and we all had such a wonderful time.

When I returned, and was able to get back into my business, I decided at that time to close my second store.  However, my Etsy store is still going strong...for the time being, that is.
What does that mean??

Well, I have come to the decision to sell out my fabrics.  This will take some time, however, and I still have TONS (it seems) of fabric to offer.

This decision was the right one for me to make.  I could tell because as soon as it was made, I felt very relieved.

This decision will be a good one for you, too!  Why?  Because everything is on sale!

All you will need to do is use a coupon code as you check out to receive the discount.
Plus, I will be slowly increasing the discount over time!

The current discount is:

So.....use coupon code FAC20 as you check out for 20% off of your total order!

Please visit FABRIC ALA CARTE on Etsy today!

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