Wednesday, November 2, 2016


So....I've been selling fabric online since 2009, and have loved every minute of it.  But in the last 6 months or so, I have had a little nagging thought at the back of my brain.  The thought took a while to take shape, and then longer for me to put it into words, but when I finally did.... it felt right and good.

I was finally able to say to myself....Time to retire!

My husband retired a few months ago, and I think the time is right for me to do the same.  Even though my "job" is very flexible, fun, and not very time consuming, it will be nice to not have it looming in the background.

That said, I still have what seems like TONS of fabric in my shop!  There are still many yards of choices to browse!  I have a few notions and patterns left also. 

I just increased the discount to 30% off!

REMEMBER - The coupon code MUST be applied as you check out to get the discount.

So.....visit Fabric ala Carte today for the best choices!

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